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VelocityGO is our loan origination system, check out these curated resources to help you become an expert and help your customers get approved faster.

Quick VelocityGO tips and tricks

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VelocityGO resources

If you prefer to read about VelocityGO, please check out these resources below.

On-demand VelocityGO webinars

Explore our collection of on-demand webinars around various VelocityGO introductory topics.

In this webinar we help you understand how MFA works with VelocityGO and what you need to get started.

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In this webinar, we cover the basics of the VelocityGO system. This webinar was recorded January 26, 2022 when VelocityGO launched in New York.

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In this 45 minute webinar we focus on how to successfully enter an application on behalf of the customer using the VelocityGO contractor portal. We'll cover some common sticking points and how to start the process for a companion or bridge loan within VelocityGO. This webinar was recorded April 7, 2022.

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In this webinar we cover the features and functionalities of the new customer online application and how it improves both customer experience and loan processing times. We will walk through the online application experience specifically and related elements. This webinar was recorded April 21, 2022.

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In this 45-minute webinar we continue to follow the customer application process from where Part 1 left off, diving into what happens after a customer receives their pre-approval. This training will cover offer selection and the stages and statuses an application goes through. This webinar was recorded May 5, 2022.

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In this 45-minute webinar we finish our exploration of the customer experience within VelocityGO. We will explore what happens after a customer’s loan is approved and how to complete a project and receive payment. This webinar was recorded on May 19, 2022.

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Slipstream EFS is the loan originator and cannot answer project specific questions. All loans and projects must comply with the program requirements. For questions on those requirements, please contact NYSERDA directly.